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    Thanks for your interest in joining our lab! At the Social, Cognition, Motivation & Brain (SCMB) Lab, we believe that our science is better with a diverse team. We embrace and encourage our lab members’ differences in age, color, disability, ethnicity, family or marital status, gender identity or expression, language, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, and other characteristics that make our lab members who they are.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

    We are always looking for motivated undergraduates to join the lab. The main responsibilities of the research assistants are running experiments in the lab and at the MRI facility at the Soroka medical center. Assistants will also participate in literature reviews, preparing the experiments, and analyzing the data. Joining is possible as a supervised research student (מחקר מודרך) or as a work-study or a volunteer research assistant.


Graduate Students

    Thank you for your interest in the master’s program at Ben-Gurion University.

I am open to serving as an advisor to students from all subsections of the Department of Psychology as well as from the

Zlotowski Center for Neuroscience.  Feel free to include me in your application as one of the faculty with whom you are interested in working. The strongest applicants will be able to draw connections to the work of multiple faculties in the department and will gain two years of experience working in a research lab. 

Ph.D and Post-Doc

    Interested in the ongoing research at our lab? You are welcome to check the possibilities of joining as a Ph.D. or post-doc fellow. For more information please contact me:

Any of the above sound interesting to you? 

For more details or to apply, you can reach us at

 The title of the email should specify which role you are interested in. You can attach a CV, academic record, and a brief statement of academic interests (~1 paragraph). 


      Would you like to participate in one of our studies? 

We have a wide range of experiments you can complete from the comfort of your own home, or you can come to our lab at the university and even take part in an fMRI research!


You may participate in the experiment for compensation in the form of monetary or credit points. 

If you’d like to participate in our experiments you can open a free account at the SONA system.

To check eligibility for fMRI experiments please fill this survey.

For more information feel free to contact us:

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